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Random Pictures

Some pictures from a craft fair in Havertown, PA a couple of years ago

i Am NaTuRaLyNn

Although I keep my business now strickly on Etsy’s, I miss the days when all I would do is soaps, fizzies and the local craft fairs.

I still have so many supplies and occassionally I get inspired and think of other ideas and scent combinations, but I find myself needing more hours in the day.¬† Hours I don’t have…. so now although (still) fun, I just stick to fizzies because it’s the only thing I can whip up a batch in minutes and ship quickly.

I’m hoping that with my new (and 2nd) job, I can save a little extra money to purchase more supplies to be ready for the holiday orders. ;)


I’m Vanessa


Hola!  Thanks for visiting my new blog.  I was born in Georgia before spending a good portion of my life on the amazing island of Puerto Rico.  I now live in Delaware.

I’d like to describe myself as a creative, adventurous and hard-working girl.¬† Boring I know! But¬†I think that is why I can’t ever make up my mind, or why I get the sudden urge to have to change my room around every-so-often, or maybe why I am not a picky eater and love to eat the weirdest thing on the menus… I would just get bored of the same stuff over and over.

I don’t order the same items on the menu everytime I visit the same ‘ole favorite stop, or keep on a nail polish color for more than three days… I am random, complicated and very observant¬†¬†to¬†EVERYTHING and¬†EVERYONE around me, I think that’s why I blog.