About Me

Did I happen to catch your search browser’s attention? Which ever the reason may be, you’ve landed on my little piece of blogging heaven.  I am Vanessa Lynn and I…

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  • Am not one thing or a specific list of adjectives, perhaps I am simple yet complicated, a creative soul with never enough time to create whats lies in my imagination
  • I am the neighbor you can hear sing off key in the shower and plays the piano at midnight in hopes that you’re listening
  • I wear my emotions on my sleeves and my heart in hand
  • I am love to many and the worst nightmare to some…okay maybe to a few.  If so, I am sorry I broke your heart, never answered your calls, declined second chances or went postal on you (I’m sorry especially for that one!)
  • I am a very competitive person and a sore loser
  • I am a hard worker – I currently have 3 jobs!
  • I am CAKE’s “short skirt, long jacket” song
  • A tom boy on the weekends and the girliest girl every other day
  • I am by all means not a serious person, a goof ball 75% of the time
  • I am all of this and so much more, and perhaps this little space of mine is my way of showing who I truly am, in hopes to inspire others to create and love the spaces they live in, eat well (not necessarily healthy!) but most of all, love what you have and enjoy the little things in life!
  • Welcome to my blog!